*Precison Compounds Leather Strop Compound Medium Grit 1oz Jar

It will be very gentle with your leather strop and not cause it to start smelling like spoiled meat. And it will not start smelling like used motor oil. This stuff has a great smell if that matters to you. In saying that it should be put up away from children because it smells good enough to eat. I cant tell you everything I put in it but it works great and will help in the preservation of your leather strop. A little goes a long way on a leather strop. We have plenty of this stuff in stock. This honing paste is an old recipe passed down to me from my father who was a machinist. I have seen him use it on everything from a leather belt or block of wood to a felt strip. You can also use it on small Dremel buffing wheels for polishing. The type of plastic jar that you receive may differ from ones in photo but it will be in a 1 oz jar. Screw off or snap on lid white or clear. Looking for a clean shave? We don?t put anything in this honing compound in the way of wheel bearing grease or turpentine. It has 2 elements that I would not consider eating. #1 Silicone, #2 Aluminum Oxide, I also use some Mineral Oil made for Medical Consumption. Everything else is not harmful to humans but great for that strop and keeping that Silicone and Aluminum Oxide up where it should be on your strop. I have tried the solid sticks on the market and they did not suit my needs in honing on a leather strop. They are much to dry and why dirty up a leather strop with WD-40 or cutting oil. Our product is moist with essential oils leather needs and a very tentative wax recipe that keeps things up on the leather where they can work the blade. Wax is a very strange substance alone. If wax is to hard it will not attach itself to the leather and if it is to soft it will not hold the sharpening ingredients where it needs to be on the strop. And there is more than one type of wax in the world. We mix different types of wax with different types of oils and then work in our sharpening ingredients at full temperature. It cant be bottled up in jars when hot it has to be worked into the jars as it cools down in order to sustain the Silicone and Aluminum Oxide. It is a process we have not had to spend years looking for thanks to My Father. Silicone And Aluminum Oxide
*Precison Compounds Leather Strop Compound Medium Grit 1oz Jar
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